Water Features

You can make a splash and take your swimming pool to the next level with a variety of water features. Engaging our senses, water in motion creates allure and a focal point for your pool.

Whether you are adding a water feature to an existing pool or new swimming pool construction, Pool and Deck Concepts will work with you to choose water features that work with and complement your home while reflecting your personal style and budget.
The main types of water features include:
    • Water bowls
    • Fire and water bowls
    • Raised water walls – a waterfall which spills out from a horizontal spout from a decorative wall near the pool
    • Sheer descents – this waterfall appears like a sheet of glass as it arcs or pours down away from a pool wall.
    • Scuppers – a spout that is attached to a wall or pedestal from which water can flow.
    • Laminars / Deck jets – a water feature installed on pool decking that shoots a narrow stream of water into the pool
    • White or Colored LED Bubblers – lighted, small jets that shoot up a bubbling stream of water
    • White or Colored LED Water Bowls

Pool and Deck Concepts can integrate a water feature that not only makes your pool the envy of your neighbors, but is also sound and functional.