If you are in search of a more decorative paver with consistency and modern appeal, then Artistic Pavers may be the product for you. Pool and Deck Concepts will coordinate this modern paver design with the rest of your materials and house to maximize the desired aesthetics.

Please visit our Pool and Deck Design Center to experience this high-quality manufactured paving product.

Designed for pedestrian applications, Steplock® pavers from Artistic Paver Mfg. are perfect for patios, swimming pool decks, lanais, walkways and more. Steplock® pavers and coping are also excellent for architectural and decorative uses, including raised walls, pool coping, steps, spillways, fountains, planters and benches. These pavers not only look good, but also make for easy sand-set installation, saving time and money.
With three distinct series of pavers in many colors and sizes, Pool and Deck Concepts carries the right specialty paver for every application.
Shellock® Atlantic Series
Each paver contains seashells which are honed to expose a natural beauty.

Shellock® Pavers are an elegant and beautiful alternative to brick pavers. Each paver consists of actual seashells that are expertly crafted to expose slight variations in shade and color. Shellock® pavers and coping transform any pool or deck into a natural paradise, and are are available in 5 different colors: Ivory, Buff, Tan, Café and Silver Sam.


Silver Sam

Corallock® Series
The look and texture of coral made distinguished and durable.

Another beautiful and natural alternative to brick is the Corallock® Paver. Crafted with precision to replicate the look of coral, Corrallock pavers have none of the drawbacks of actual coral. The luxurious texture transforms any space with its defined, natural appearance.

Expect a slight variation in shade color and patterns which only adds to its appearance. Corallock® pavers and coping is available in Ivory and come in sizes from 4"x8" to 24"x24".

Stonelock™ Series
All the benefits of pavers with the rustic look of stone.

The rustic texture of an natural stone and the benefits of sand-set interlocking pavers can be had with Stonelock Pavers. Easily and quickly installed on a sand base, Stonelock™ pavers add a smooth touch of class to any deck.

With slight variations in shades create a rich ambiance, Stonelock™ pavers and coping are available in 2 different colors: Sandstone and Sedona and come in sizes from 4"x8" to 24"x24".