Pool and Deck Concepts offers all of the latest and most energy-efficient pumps, filters, LED lights, salt systems, and heat pumps by the two industry leaders, Pentair and Jandy. Because we are a selected dealer for both of these manufacturers, our customers benefit from purchasing through us with up to a 3-year parts and labor warranty on all equipment (please call for warranty details).
Our variable-speed, energy-efficient pool pumps, provide an average of $500-$700 in annual energy savings.

Pool and Deck Concepts will provide you with an custom pump energy savings calculator to show you the real potential savings based on your existing pool specifications. We will also direct you into the proper heat pump (electric pool heater) and automation (control systems) with or without salt systems. These systems cannot also be combined with LED pool and spa lighting (colored or white only).

Every unit that Pool and Deck Concepts sells can be purchased individually, or combined with a complete equipment upgrade/update to maximize efficiency, ease of use, and most importantly, the strongest warranty in the industry. Please stop by or call to speak with an associate for more details.

Pool Automation

Enjoy the freedom and convenience of intelligent pool control. With the pool automation options offered by Pool and Deck Concepts, you can control your pool experience in user-friendly and innovative ways. Set pump schedules, control temperature and water features, program lighting and more. We offer a range interfaces from stand alone units to smart phone (and tablet) controls.

Variable Speed Pumps

Save on energy and enjoy near noiseless operation with a variable speed pump. Built for long life and maximum efficiency, variable speed pumps keep your pool clean and inviting while the most efficient models demonstrate energy savings of up to 90%. Allow Pool and Deck Concepts to review your needs and recommend the best pump for you.

Heaters + Heat Pumps

Energy efficient and compact in size, top performance and value are expected in new pool heater and heat pumps. Quiet operation, exceptional durability, and more standard features ensures comfortable water temperatures and precise water regulation to maximize your swimming pool use.

We also partner with regional solar heating specialists for those who wish to harness the power of the Florida sun for their pool needs.

Salt Chlorination Systems

Get perfect water without handling chlorine with a Salt Chlorination system. With electrolytic chlorine generation from common table salt, you can generate all the chlorine your pool needs safely, effectively and conveniently.

Lighting + LEDs

Create your own unique pool atmosphere with pool and spa lighting. Whether for simple illumination or colorful displays, traditional and LED lighting is perfect for showcasing steps, fountains, and water features. With many options from which to choose, you can cost-consciously illuminate the night for safety and beauty.

Laminars + Bubblers

Nothing adds dramatic flair to any pool space than laminars and bubblers. Laminars, arcs of moving water from your pool or surrounding space, create an elegant bit of entertainment that can reach up to 7′ in height and can be colored with LED lights. LED bubblers add color and fountain like movement to enhance features such as shelves, steps and entries. Ask Pool and Deck Concepts how you can add these dazzling features to your poolscape.

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